Barrow Concussion Network

ATSU is proud to partner with Barrow Neurological Institute on the Barrow Concussion Network. This network provides the Barrow Brainbook educational program to all Arizona high school athletes, free ImPACT neurocognitive and balance testing services to participating secondary schools, consultation services with concussion experts, and a brain injury registry.

Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA), the Arizona Cardinals, the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona, AT Still University, and Arizona State University have united to address mild traumatic brain injury (concussion) in student athletes throughout the State of Arizona.

Through the Barrow Concussion Network, these distinguished organizations share their medical, educational, and athletic expertise in concussion with each other. In turn, we team to perform education and research to understand the incidence, risk factors, and differences in care for concussion patients in the state.

The organizations of the Barrow Concussion Network recognize the powerful need for statewide programs that any student can turn to for education and care regardless of their location. We believe that consortiums of expertise and experience are a key factor in stemming the rising tide of youth concussions.

The Barrow Concussion Network has:

  • Educated over 150,000 high school athletes in the state of Arizona.
  • Brought about changes in attitudes toward concussion in high school athletes.
  • Provided computerized concussion baseline testing for all high school athletes in Arizona.
  • Created a culture of safety in sports participation.

The Barrow Concussion Network will:

  • Investigate the epidemiology of sports concussion for student athletes throughout the United States.
  • Identify risk factors for concussion in student athletes.
  • Recognize regional differences in concussion management.
  • Establish a network of care for student athletes suffering from concussion.
  • Create a research platform for understanding the mechanisms and outcomes of concussion.

ImPACT Testing and Consultation

The Barrow Concussion Network provides AIA-member schools access to computerized assessment tools (ImPACT), statewide concussion research, and free concussion consultation. We accomodate schools all over the state by using advanced telemedicine to provide access to Barrow’s concussion experts in Phoenix.

Learn more about ImPACT Testing.

Athletic trainers and schools interested in the Barrow Concussion Network can learn more here

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