Concussion Studies 

Current Research

We are currently recruiting subjects for the following studies:

1. Normative data using the Pediatric ImPACT computerized neurocognitive program:

  • Boys and Girls between 5-12 years of age
  • 45 minute testing protocol on a computer
  • Testing on the ATSU campus (Mesa) or at a location convenient for you

2. Concussion Education Study Comparison

  • Youth sports teams between 8-14 years of age (athletes, parents, coaches)
  • Football, Soccer, and Ice Hockey
  • Attend 1 hour concussion education session as a team and two 15-min follow-up sessions
  • $125 honorarium per team for participating

3. Health-Related Quality of Life Following Sport-Related Concussion

  • High school and club athletes between 12-18 years of age
  • 60 minute baseline testing protocol using ImPACT, the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool-2 and a survey
  • Free post-concussion follow-up testing

We also provide a FREE comprehensive baseline test for athletes, age 5 and older, using Pediatric ImPACT or ImPACT as part of our ongoing commitment to making sports safer for our young athletes.

Research Supporters

We would like to thank the following agencies for their current and previous support of our research:
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